Wednesday, August 17, 2011

school girl

So as the weather's been bad, and I've been bored, I've spent more time then I would like to admit in the last day or so watching re runs of Gossip Girl. The clothes (of course) are to die for on all the characters. Sometime's I think Blair and Serena are given too much credit, though I of course love them, has anyone checked out Lily recently? Vanessa? Jenny? The "minions"?  I don't think there's a character on that show that hasn't worn something that I wouldn't die to own. Ok, I take that back, out of the female characters (though if Nate was my boyfriend he definitely has plenty of sweaters I would love to steal).
Though I can't exactly call the plaid skirt, button down and tie a look I exactly love for a day to day basis  (especially when uniform's aren't required) there are parts of the "school girl" look that I have been most definitely loving recently. Though I'm not quite looking forward to heading back to school, I do love the end of August because that's when I get to begin my back to school shopping. And there's few things I like more then shopping! Here are some of my favorite "school girl" inspired pieces ....  
         Whether they're for carrying your books or a substitute for your purse, I love these Rag & Bone backpacks, pictured above in Black and Olive. A definite favorite. I think of ordering the olive one tonight, my only concern is the size .. A little small for the million textbooks I need to tote around (ugh!). 


An instant update for any outfit, a necessity for any upper east-side school girl - I'm crushing hard on this Theyskens' Theory jacket. I love the classic front paired with the unexpected back. Plus, I think  the back really complements a button-up silky shirt. I love the shape it gives to it! (P.S - Currently 30% off on shopbop, hurry hurry hurry!!).
In true school girl fashion, I'm absolutely obsessed with these Leopard print Schutz Amanda Oxford's. I can just imagine the perfect outfit to go with. I'm a huge fan of an all black outfit and a leopard accent so to me a black dress, leather jacket, tights and these shoes would be a perfect fall/winter dinner with the girls outfit. Am I right or am I right? 

Hope you all are having a lovely week. I'm sorry this post is a little over-due, as much I would like to say I've been busy, I've really just been relaxing a took a bit of a break from the computer (and got glued to the TV instead...). What are your back-to-school must haves this year? xx Also, I just put a "follow" button on the blog so feel free to follow, I would absolutely love it if you did!! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

crystal bullets.

When I received a message from the designer of AMMO AMORE requesting I check out their recently opened online jewelry store, I of course agreed to do just that but never imagined I'd buy anything ... Well, let me just say, I'm in love. Seriously considering ordering about five different pieces. I've seen a lot of photographs of these necklaces recently but was never sure where to purchase them .. Now here's my answer!

Wow. Seriously stunning jewelry! Cannot wait to order. If your at all interested check out, prices range from 20-60$, a good deal for these gorgeous pendants. This inspired me to do some for crystal bullet shopping ... I think I'm OBSESSED .. here's some of my favorite's below ... 
Definitely inspired .. Love these necklaces ... 

What do you guys think?? xx 
PS - If anyone orders one or has ordered one send me pictures! Would love to see how you you're wearing it.. I will be sure to do an outfit post once I order and receive mine! 

missoni for target

I remember flipping through Vogue while getting a pedicure not really paying attention, bbming at the same time when the Missoni patterns adorning the pages caught my eye. Sure enough I started and reading and what did I discover .. MISSONI WAS COLLABORATING WITH VOGUE. Let me first just explain that when it comes to Missoni, I am absolutely addicted. I know it sounds like I say this about every designer, but Missoni is truly my one love. My bedroom is Missoni! If it could be, my entire wardrobe would be Missoni. I was very impressed with the article about the collaboration, it was made clear that this wasn't cheapening the brand, just making it more accessible - I mean Margherita Missoni has it in her home!
So needless to say, I've been excited every since. I've been eagerly awaiting pictures of the upcoming line, release date set as September 13th, and finally - they are here!! Over 400+ items, WOW. Here are my favorites so far....
Though most of the items I would say are the price range you would expect from target this bike, not so much ($400) but I would say it's definitely worth it .. if you biked more then twice a year I do. 

I fly all the time and hate lugging around large luggage so this roll away seems to be the perfect size (carry on!) and an adorable accessorise, not to mention will be easy to find! 

Love the black and white case in the far right. 

Say organized and chic at the same time! Great for a desk or a dorm room.

 Don't love the colors, but I've always wanted a Missoni Swimsuit so this may be my chance! Hopefully some brighter colors....

Probably my favorite item from the collection. Cannot wait to get my hands on these!! 

September 13th could not come faster!! Let me know what you think of the collection, personally I cannot wait - I'm like a kid in a candy store !! xx 

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ok, Ok, I admit it. I'm a total bag-a-holic. GUILTY. But what, I can't help myself. I mean, have you seen Proenza's colored leathers? Or Alexander Wang's zippered beauties? How could I not be in love ....

Probably what I'm dying for most right now. I just dream up all the amazing outfits I could plan around this bag. I mean, does it not totally ROCK or what? I've definitely considered purchasing it however if I'm going to spend $2,000 on a bag, It'd probably be best not to get a lime green one. Though no one does colored better, or classier then Proenza Schouler. Talk about a statement piece. 

These color's are just as stunning and perfect for fall. The black is amazing, undeniably a classic but I feel it would be a shame to not get a color. It's much easier to find a good black bag, but how many people can do a suede navy or a lime green leather that well? The camel too is just gorgeous. The perfect neutral shade - not to dark, not to light. 

Played with this Alexander Wang Trudy tote at Nemain Marcus the other day. The leather is so soft, the size is perfect and the zip-detail is spot on. Another win by Alexander Wang. It comes in other color's as well, though I did love the beigey-neutral, the black with the contrasting silver zipper has to be my personal favorite, though it's a very downtown city girl bag - if you're looking for something a little less biker chic ....
This Alexander Wang Shopper is definitely the way to go. A perfect spring or summer bag that with the right outfit you could definitely use in the fall is a stunning combo of leather and suede, not to mention a great color. 

This Balenciaga Arena Giant City is my absolute favorite neutral-toned bag. The color is perfect for summer or spring but most definitely fall appropriate. Plus the size and material? To die!
I know this post was about bags .... But when I think handbags my mind eventually drifts to wallets and there is no wallet I love more then this Balenciaga Arena Giant Compagnon. The color is so unique, absolutely unlike any wallet I've ever seen. Saw this at Barneys NYC awhile ago and it has been on my mind ever since.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I'm out in the country visiting friends and family and it's been a blast ... some crazy storms but there's nothing I love more then blogging in a warm bed with a cup of tea!! xx

personal style

I think one of the most important things about the fashion world is having your own personal style. Anyone can copy a look straight off a runway or magazine given the right amount of money, it's those who are able to incorporate trends with there own twist, or take, that really makes someone stylish. I think you can tell a lot about someone based on their personal style so, since this is a fashion blog after all, what better a first post then one that gives insight on my style.
To start ... I'll go over my "necessities".
I would be lying if I didn't list sweaters as my number one weakness. Though I will deny it to my grave, I have a bit of a sweater .. addiction ... I guess you could say. I absolutely love sweaters! I'm almost always cold (my friends make fun of me, everyone else will be in sweating and I'll be asking for an extra layer) so I rarely leave the house without a sweater stashed away in my purse. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I'm from Chicago, so it really is freezing cold almost 9 months out of the year so they really do come in handy. Sweaters are great because you can do so much with accessories, which is what I probably love the most about them. Here are some of my favorites ...
It would be hard to talk about sweaters without talking about Zadig Et Voltaire. This French-based brand is one of my my favorite brands in the world, and my obsession definitely started with their sweaters. There Zadig et Voltaire "Luxe Cashmere" line is the best - honestly the softest sweaters in the world, I never want to take mine off. My love of the material aside, I love their take on the normally 'boring' sweater, the embellishment on the arms, (top row, right) or the metallic patches (bottom row, right) really complete the look. They continue to update my classic favorite, and I truly couldn't be more in love.
From Top Left to bottom right: Aiko $298, Alexander Wang $435,  Zadig et Volatire €170, Rag & Bone $325, Theory $170, Vince $275, 3.1 Phillip Lim $759, Zadig et Volatire €170 
My next necessity would most definitely have to be scarves! As mentioned earlier, I love accessorizing, so to me scarves are not only a way of staying warm, but away of really pulling your look together. What's great about scarves is that with the right outfit and material, they work for all seasons - even summer! Jean cut-offs, a tank top and a silk breezy printed scarf? To die. Add jeans a sweater and a winter jacket and you're ready to bear the cold. The versatility of them is probably what I find most attractive, there's just so much that you can do with them. Here are my favorite picks of scarves, from winter's warmest wools to poolside appropriate summer silks. 
Though my favorite season for scarves would have to be winter, the great thing is that's not the only season that you can wear them. When scarf shopping, I normally look for something thick long and super soft. It's going to be close to my face so absolutely nothing scratchy - I'm super sensitive. My all time favorite scarf is the LV by Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole (top left). The size, the material, the pattern, everything is seriously perfect. Other then that, I would have to say my go-to brand for scarves is Missoni because they are just so unique. Not only are the patterns and colors and perfect way to brighten up an outfit, there are a range of different materials. By far my favorite are there summer scarves, I own a neutral colored wave-printed one that I picked up in Milan during the spring and I've lived in it ever since - they double as a perfect cover up wrap at the beach! If you're looking for scarves on a budget however, I would definitely recommend Zara, if you can't afford cashmere they are the next best thing. I'm pretty sure I own one in almost every color. Also, they're perfect for flying - they are so big you can use them as an on board blanket! 
I apologize that this post has been so long, and I so hope it hasn't bored you. This is just a peak at what's to come! 
I made the above sets with polyvore, which I really have come to love! Make your own at and send them to me in a link (comment below) on your personal style and you could be featured on the blog. With love, xx. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winnie the Shoe

I've decided to start this blog to join together the two things I love most, fashion and writing. I've grown up in a city (chicago) my entire life, so I'm lucky enough to be able to say that fashion has always surrounded me and been a part of my life. What interests me most about the fashion industry, is the behind the scenes. Not just the designing process of the clothes, but how a piece gets from the runway, to a store, and onto the pages of this months vogue - meaning everything from PR to styling. Though my dream is to someday work in the industry, I couldn't say where, from working at a magazine to being a buyer for a store like Barneys or Nemains, I haven't decided. Consider this blog a look at my journey through the fashion world.