Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ok, Ok, I admit it. I'm a total bag-a-holic. GUILTY. But what, I can't help myself. I mean, have you seen Proenza's colored leathers? Or Alexander Wang's zippered beauties? How could I not be in love ....

Probably what I'm dying for most right now. I just dream up all the amazing outfits I could plan around this bag. I mean, does it not totally ROCK or what? I've definitely considered purchasing it however if I'm going to spend $2,000 on a bag, It'd probably be best not to get a lime green one. Though no one does colored better, or classier then Proenza Schouler. Talk about a statement piece. 

These color's are just as stunning and perfect for fall. The black is amazing, undeniably a classic but I feel it would be a shame to not get a color. It's much easier to find a good black bag, but how many people can do a suede navy or a lime green leather that well? The camel too is just gorgeous. The perfect neutral shade - not to dark, not to light. 

Played with this Alexander Wang Trudy tote at Nemain Marcus the other day. The leather is so soft, the size is perfect and the zip-detail is spot on. Another win by Alexander Wang. It comes in other color's as well, though I did love the beigey-neutral, the black with the contrasting silver zipper has to be my personal favorite, though it's a very downtown city girl bag - if you're looking for something a little less biker chic ....
This Alexander Wang Shopper is definitely the way to go. A perfect spring or summer bag that with the right outfit you could definitely use in the fall is a stunning combo of leather and suede, not to mention a great color. 

This Balenciaga Arena Giant City is my absolute favorite neutral-toned bag. The color is perfect for summer or spring but most definitely fall appropriate. Plus the size and material? To die!
I know this post was about bags .... But when I think handbags my mind eventually drifts to wallets and there is no wallet I love more then this Balenciaga Arena Giant Compagnon. The color is so unique, absolutely unlike any wallet I've ever seen. Saw this at Barneys NYC awhile ago and it has been on my mind ever since.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I'm out in the country visiting friends and family and it's been a blast ... some crazy storms but there's nothing I love more then blogging in a warm bed with a cup of tea!! xx


  1. i love Balenciaga:)..

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  2. thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
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  3. I'm a bag-a-holic as well. In fact I'm very addicted to shopping for purses and so on. These bags are just fantastic!!!!

  4. aww you published such an amazing bag. i love your sense of style <3

  5. so cool love the bags. thanks for stopping by my blog!