Sunday, August 14, 2011

missoni for target

I remember flipping through Vogue while getting a pedicure not really paying attention, bbming at the same time when the Missoni patterns adorning the pages caught my eye. Sure enough I started and reading and what did I discover .. MISSONI WAS COLLABORATING WITH VOGUE. Let me first just explain that when it comes to Missoni, I am absolutely addicted. I know it sounds like I say this about every designer, but Missoni is truly my one love. My bedroom is Missoni! If it could be, my entire wardrobe would be Missoni. I was very impressed with the article about the collaboration, it was made clear that this wasn't cheapening the brand, just making it more accessible - I mean Margherita Missoni has it in her home!
So needless to say, I've been excited every since. I've been eagerly awaiting pictures of the upcoming line, release date set as September 13th, and finally - they are here!! Over 400+ items, WOW. Here are my favorites so far....
Though most of the items I would say are the price range you would expect from target this bike, not so much ($400) but I would say it's definitely worth it .. if you biked more then twice a year I do. 

I fly all the time and hate lugging around large luggage so this roll away seems to be the perfect size (carry on!) and an adorable accessorise, not to mention will be easy to find! 

Love the black and white case in the far right. 

Say organized and chic at the same time! Great for a desk or a dorm room.

 Don't love the colors, but I've always wanted a Missoni Swimsuit so this may be my chance! Hopefully some brighter colors....

Probably my favorite item from the collection. Cannot wait to get my hands on these!! 

September 13th could not come faster!! Let me know what you think of the collection, personally I cannot wait - I'm like a kid in a candy store !! xx 


  1. Like the pattern x

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  2. that's such a gnarly bike. i'm considering getting one for university next year, and $400 isn't too steep!

  3. I love that line

  4. I am beyond excited and am counting down the days!!!

  5. i adore Missoni! so all these is very tempting..