Saturday, August 13, 2011

personal style

I think one of the most important things about the fashion world is having your own personal style. Anyone can copy a look straight off a runway or magazine given the right amount of money, it's those who are able to incorporate trends with there own twist, or take, that really makes someone stylish. I think you can tell a lot about someone based on their personal style so, since this is a fashion blog after all, what better a first post then one that gives insight on my style.
To start ... I'll go over my "necessities".
I would be lying if I didn't list sweaters as my number one weakness. Though I will deny it to my grave, I have a bit of a sweater .. addiction ... I guess you could say. I absolutely love sweaters! I'm almost always cold (my friends make fun of me, everyone else will be in sweating and I'll be asking for an extra layer) so I rarely leave the house without a sweater stashed away in my purse. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I'm from Chicago, so it really is freezing cold almost 9 months out of the year so they really do come in handy. Sweaters are great because you can do so much with accessories, which is what I probably love the most about them. Here are some of my favorites ...
It would be hard to talk about sweaters without talking about Zadig Et Voltaire. This French-based brand is one of my my favorite brands in the world, and my obsession definitely started with their sweaters. There Zadig et Voltaire "Luxe Cashmere" line is the best - honestly the softest sweaters in the world, I never want to take mine off. My love of the material aside, I love their take on the normally 'boring' sweater, the embellishment on the arms, (top row, right) or the metallic patches (bottom row, right) really complete the look. They continue to update my classic favorite, and I truly couldn't be more in love.
From Top Left to bottom right: Aiko $298, Alexander Wang $435,  Zadig et Volatire €170, Rag & Bone $325, Theory $170, Vince $275, 3.1 Phillip Lim $759, Zadig et Volatire €170 
My next necessity would most definitely have to be scarves! As mentioned earlier, I love accessorizing, so to me scarves are not only a way of staying warm, but away of really pulling your look together. What's great about scarves is that with the right outfit and material, they work for all seasons - even summer! Jean cut-offs, a tank top and a silk breezy printed scarf? To die. Add jeans a sweater and a winter jacket and you're ready to bear the cold. The versatility of them is probably what I find most attractive, there's just so much that you can do with them. Here are my favorite picks of scarves, from winter's warmest wools to poolside appropriate summer silks. 
Though my favorite season for scarves would have to be winter, the great thing is that's not the only season that you can wear them. When scarf shopping, I normally look for something thick long and super soft. It's going to be close to my face so absolutely nothing scratchy - I'm super sensitive. My all time favorite scarf is the LV by Stephen Sprouse Leopard Stole (top left). The size, the material, the pattern, everything is seriously perfect. Other then that, I would have to say my go-to brand for scarves is Missoni because they are just so unique. Not only are the patterns and colors and perfect way to brighten up an outfit, there are a range of different materials. By far my favorite are there summer scarves, I own a neutral colored wave-printed one that I picked up in Milan during the spring and I've lived in it ever since - they double as a perfect cover up wrap at the beach! If you're looking for scarves on a budget however, I would definitely recommend Zara, if you can't afford cashmere they are the next best thing. I'm pretty sure I own one in almost every color. Also, they're perfect for flying - they are so big you can use them as an on board blanket! 
I apologize that this post has been so long, and I so hope it hasn't bored you. This is just a peak at what's to come! 
I made the above sets with polyvore, which I really have come to love! Make your own at and send them to me in a link (comment below) on your personal style and you could be featured on the blog. With love, xx. 

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