Wednesday, August 17, 2011

school girl

So as the weather's been bad, and I've been bored, I've spent more time then I would like to admit in the last day or so watching re runs of Gossip Girl. The clothes (of course) are to die for on all the characters. Sometime's I think Blair and Serena are given too much credit, though I of course love them, has anyone checked out Lily recently? Vanessa? Jenny? The "minions"?  I don't think there's a character on that show that hasn't worn something that I wouldn't die to own. Ok, I take that back, out of the female characters (though if Nate was my boyfriend he definitely has plenty of sweaters I would love to steal).
Though I can't exactly call the plaid skirt, button down and tie a look I exactly love for a day to day basis  (especially when uniform's aren't required) there are parts of the "school girl" look that I have been most definitely loving recently. Though I'm not quite looking forward to heading back to school, I do love the end of August because that's when I get to begin my back to school shopping. And there's few things I like more then shopping! Here are some of my favorite "school girl" inspired pieces ....  
         Whether they're for carrying your books or a substitute for your purse, I love these Rag & Bone backpacks, pictured above in Black and Olive. A definite favorite. I think of ordering the olive one tonight, my only concern is the size .. A little small for the million textbooks I need to tote around (ugh!). 


An instant update for any outfit, a necessity for any upper east-side school girl - I'm crushing hard on this Theyskens' Theory jacket. I love the classic front paired with the unexpected back. Plus, I think  the back really complements a button-up silky shirt. I love the shape it gives to it! (P.S - Currently 30% off on shopbop, hurry hurry hurry!!).
In true school girl fashion, I'm absolutely obsessed with these Leopard print Schutz Amanda Oxford's. I can just imagine the perfect outfit to go with. I'm a huge fan of an all black outfit and a leopard accent so to me a black dress, leather jacket, tights and these shoes would be a perfect fall/winter dinner with the girls outfit. Am I right or am I right? 

Hope you all are having a lovely week. I'm sorry this post is a little over-due, as much I would like to say I've been busy, I've really just been relaxing a took a bit of a break from the computer (and got glued to the TV instead...). What are your back-to-school must haves this year? xx Also, I just put a "follow" button on the blog so feel free to follow, I would absolutely love it if you did!! 


  1. ah, those backpacks are gorgeous. And I'm loving the skinny jeans/blazer combo


  2. love the black jacket and those leopard shoes!!!!
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  3. That jacket is amazing! It's definitely a show stopper, go for it girl!


  4. We like your tastes, your blog!! We will definitely follow you and come again to have good tips about fashion!!
    This jacket is amazing, really love it!! xx

  5. ps: add bloglovin on your blog, it will be easier to follow you!! xx

  6. I'll take the shoes, please! They're perfect to spice up so many simple outfits! :o)


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  8. i love the backpacks!!!
    and the blazer is pretty cool!!

  9. That black jacket is just absolutely to die for. Great finds!

  10. haha i too have been watching Gossip Girl way too much lately...i wish my high school years would have been these stylish!!

  11. great. i love the clothes and especially the bagpacks of course. :D xx m

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  13. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!